With every annual membership, receive a free pair of leather mma gloves and kettle bell. Just head over to V3DA hub to grab your membership (don’t forget, select annual) , add it to your cart and check out. Once your order is placed, send us a message to admin@mmahiitbox.com, with your order number, weight size of the kettle bell and mma gloves you want. Give us 3-5 days to prepare your order for pickup at MHB. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you when it’s ready.

This offer expires soon. While supplies last. Only valid on annual memberships. Early cancellations prior to the annual memento sign up date will incur a $199 fee to cover the promotional offer and a $199 administration fee. This fee will automatically be charged to your account. All memberships must have automatic billing enabled to participate. We cannot accept used gloves back fire sanitary trains.

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