Mixed Arts

We are unique in that we have created a custom functional group fitness program based around Mixed Martial Arts, HIIT and Boxing. Combining the best of all three worlds into one exciting training program. Plus being part of V3DA market place, you have access to other complementary programs at reduced rates, such as Yoga, BJJ etc.

Personalized hub

And industry exclusive, MHB has partnered with V3DA hub, the no.1 fully digital data-driven adaptive student coach performance accelerator. In short, you get a digital coach to manage your performance in addition to your personal coach.


We’re proud to be partnered with WholeFit, a non-centralized fitness company that refuses to be labelled. MHB has foundationally skilled instructors in a combat art. This means that not only do we go hard, but you will develop fine motor functional skills to chain link your neuromuscular/central nervous system through your core to the rest of your body.

Not only will you leave class exhilarated, but your cardio, strength, conditioning and core functional strength will improve

compare with leading brands

Easy for beginners
Gimmick tracking device
Large training equipment
High Functional Training*
High Intensity
Martial Arts inspired training
Kettle bells
Misc equipment $
Held Weights
Yoga balls
Kick/strike pads
Box focus mits
Muay Thai inspired techniques
Boxing techniques
Kick Boxing techniques
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ground techniques
Soft EZ kneestm mat floors
More savings ** (up to 50%)
Free gear to get started !
Steam cleaned mats germs-B-gone tm
Edge2Edge tm Seamless floor to wall system
Certified V3DA hub instructors
Part of the WholeFit network
Instructor led – no open gym

At MBH we look to keep your routine simple. It also helps keep our costs down** and in turn we pass savings onto you. Our diverse intense and fun workouts come from the variety of martial arts based techniques that inspire our programs. *This is what it means to be high functional in every sense of the word. Not only will you become stronger and healthier, but you’ll develop the fundamental skills of self-defence.

$ skipping, sleds, battle ropes, medicine balls, long bars
** more savings based on average F45 cost in Canada at $75/week (x4 = $300/mth)(1) vs. $149.99/mth at MHB (mthly/annual same great price). OrangeTheory starts at $12/session ($144/mth @ x3/week).
! free gear for a limited time, receive a pair of leather mma gloves and a kettle bell with each annual subscription. Read full details.

Simplicity doesn’t mean easy. It just means less is more. And you’ll understand once you’ve tried us out.

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